Repurpose unused ingredients to reduce wastes.

Fridge is a mobile app that allows you to repurpose your unused ingredients into sumptuous meals thus reducing kitchen wastes. You can also use the app to search for recipe's based on whatever ingredients you currently have in your pantry.
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Really cool idea. I always throw out leftover ingredients I don't know how to use. When's it coming to iOS so I can try it? :)
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Hi @christopher_lee4 thanks for the interest! We're looking to ship iOS within the month. The IPA is ready, we're just waiting for the App Store account. For the interim, you may subscribe here: We will be providing and sending updates to our subscribers.
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@arjayosma Cool! thanks for letting me know. By the way seeing as you just launched I have a market research service where for $12 you can ask 100 people a question then follow-up based on how they answered and even interview them! You could ask e.g. "How often do you have unused ingredients left in your fridge and what do you do when you find them?" Anyway If you want to give it a shot feel free to sign up and let me know which email you used over Intercom and I'll pass you $12 in free credits. Best of luck otherwise!
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@christopher_lee4 Wow! This is awesome! I'll let you know within today once I am done signing up. I checked out your product as well, we can definitely use this with our other ideas also. Thanks for the advice. Best of luck too!
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Hello everyone 👋 For the past year, my partner and I have been cooking our meals. Every time we finished cooking, we always end up with unused ingredients. Those ingredients would then go for about a week and then to the trash bin. We realized that this setup is very costly. We're not just contributing to the ever-growing food waste, but we're also drilling a hole in our pockets. To combat this issue, we came up with this solution called Fridge. Fridge is a mobile application to help repurpose unused ingredients and aids in minimizing food wastes. This solution did not only solve the waste problem it also helped us identify which meals we can cook next. It's a fairly simple application for now, but we have a lot of upcoming plans for this one. Additional features are currently being developed to make the app more awesome. We're hoping you guys can check out or product and we'll gladly receive any kind of feedback. Hope you find our solution useful!
We recently created a website for our app, Fridge. You can check it out here: