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As you mentioned, there are lots of alternatives and many people are building 'on-demand developers' as a service... Quality developers > quickness to hire them... surely?!
@bentossell ofcourse.. I think 'on-demand developers' might work for some companies who are really short on time as a one-off solution. But its certainly not a long term solution. We're not into that space. FreshTalent save time only by filtering out the candidates that you should be actually spending time with evaluating. Basically removing out repetitive manual work which can be easily automated.
I've been searching allweek for a developer in nyc.. how many do you currently have in your rolodex?
@shtooova Hey Steven, I'd say a week is not that bad. The maximum I've spent looking for developers is 3 months!! Unfortunately, we don't have a job listing service. I don't know if we'll have it in the future or we'll cover NYC. But FreshTalent is a great tool to evaluate the developers once you've found them. So do give it a try!
@t_swap sorry I meant to say almost a year for the perfect one. The latest one lasted just until last week! I need quality. Nothing out there
@shtooova ah I see.. That's sad.. Talent these days is both expensive and rare. Do you mind sending me an email at admin [at] freshtalent [dawt] co? I can try to find some help for you.
@shtooova have you evaluated to outsource the position, or hire a remote developer from another state? Everybody is looking for talent in NYC
@leonelmore yep. I need in house.. So I can be on top of them, be agile and get results right away.
Thanks @jjude for hunting this. I am aware that there were several assessment tools out there and we've tried most of them over the past few years. All of them had a slight bias and disconnect from how we actually hire developers in our company. As a bootstrapped startup we were also looking for an affordable solution since hiring is a constant activity. We built Fresh Talent to overcome some of the limitations that we were facing. I hope that a lot of startup will find this useful as well.