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Thank you @bentossell for hunting Freewrite! I'm very excited about being on Product Hunt and sharing my first product that I've ever built & launched. I wanted to create something out of my own need, a beautifully designed daily writing experience that could keep me accountable to how much/how frequently I actually wrote, as well as ensuring my total privacy and not saving what I write in someones database etc. All feedback appreciated πŸ™ŒπŸ»
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In high school my teacher forced us to write non-stop for 10 minutes. This could be a useful app for english teachers to prescribe to students.
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@rrhoover would be great to have something in place to give it away to schools/teachers/students for free, somebody should make some sort of Auth/login system for students/schools to make that easy... πŸ€”
What happens when a 10 day free trial is over?
@galeriks after 10 days you can choose to subscribe for $4 per month (or $3.33 if paid annually)!
@thisisgustav @galeriks Probably useful information to add to the site. Personally, I never sign up for things if I don't know how much it's gonna cost me if I want to keep using it.
@cupoftea696 @galeriks totally agree! The pricing is now located on the home page, just below the signup button :)
One of the most beautiful sign up process I have ever seen :) Love it!
@ivanlucansky thank you for those kind words! 😊
The "no editing" part freaks me out lol
@adammarx13 Did you see the part where it saves nothing and deletes everything when you're done? ;)