Beautiful dribbble client for iOS

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Well designed. Also check out @williamchanner and @ahmetsulek's Panda, a website and chrome extension that aggregates Dribble shots along with Hacker News, Designer News, and Product Hunt.
This is a great app. However, the navigation is too slow for me — the thumbnails are so small on the home screen that you have to tap on them to see them in any detail, and then you can't swipe between them. That would make it so much faster!
I think making the thumbnails larger would be a great improvement. Not sure id like to swipe through the content though but a double-tap like Instagram feature would be great.
@lachlanjc Initially the thought was to have an option to switch between grid view and list view but with a full time job, and Freeshot being a side project I had to cut down on features. I am working on a new version however and I'll do my best to include these features in the next one :) Thanks for your feedback.