Freelance Project Tax Calculator

Calculate taxes and take-home pay for your freelance work


The Freelance Project Tax Calculator helps freelancers figure out what they should charge, what their tax burden is on a project, and what they get to take home.

Now freelancers can built taxes into their pricing and avoid unpleasant quarterly surprises.

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Kevin Suh
Emilie Burke
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  • Emilie Burke
    Emilie BurkeData Engineer,Venture for America Fellow

    Super easy to use


    The UI has room for improvement

    Obviously, anything made in spreadsheets has a lot of room for UI improvement, but those struggles are all meaningless when you recognize the value of this calculator. As a freelancer, it's always unclear how much money you're actually taking home from a project and making sure you're not underpricing yourself. This is something that gets better over time as a freelancer, but in the mean time he/she is leaving money on the table, underpricing themselves, or, worst case scenario, losing money on projects. I'm super impressed by the ease of use and value of information.

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  • Darian Rosebrook
    Darian Rosebrook - owner

    The tool really simple

    Highly detailed breakdown of taxes

    Does calculations for you based on locale

    File type allows you to save for later


    Even though it's early stage, would be nice to have an online tool or app

    UI could be improved a bit

    Sadly these can only be estimated taxes

    This tool is super valuable. For being one of the first early stages of this product, you can get a lot out of it.

    The breakdown is nice and it's been good to check this out and see a decent implimentation of this kind of calculator.

    I'm looking forward to seeing how far this can be explored and developed.

    Darian Rosebrook has used this product for one week.
  • Preston D Lee
    Preston D LeeFounder,

    Gets you clarity on what you should expect to pay in taxes as a freelancer.


    It's just a spreadsheet. Which presents some obvious UX issues.

    In theory, this calculator is great. But in my opinion, you should be able to tinker around with it a bit before having to give your email address and it would definitely be better as a web app than as a spreadsheet. But all in good time, I'm sure. For now, it gets the job done. :)

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  • Sarah DeGeorge
    Sarah DeGeorgeFreelance Marketer

    Very user-friendly and take a lot of the work and guessing out of self-employment taxes


    Perhaps, in time, more functions can be added since there are different layers to self-employment taxes and other variables.

    I really enjoyed trying out the product and being able to assess how much I should save in taxes. Having already saved in the past, I had a general idea of what % I needed to save and after plugging in my numbers, Freelance Project Tax Calculator gave back almost the same exact number I had been told to save. It's right on the money (no pun intended) and I really enjoy its simplicity.

    Sarah DeGeorge has used this product for one week.
  • Jayna Lee Feeley Fey
    Jayna Lee Feeley FeyDigital Producer

    This is a huge value to freelancers, helping with a very stressful problem in a time saving way


    It's a google sheet - obviously it's not perfect and doesn't have beautiful UI, but it does its job and does it well

    The folks at Sail are doing great things for freelancers - pay attention to them!

    Jayna Lee Feeley Fey has used this product for one day.