Freelance Project Tax Calculator

Calculate taxes and take-home pay for your freelance work

The Freelance Project Tax Calculator helps freelancers figure out what they should charge, what their tax burden is on a project, and what they get to take home.

Now freelancers can built taxes into their pricing and avoid unpleasant quarterly surprises.

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Obviously, anything made in spreadsheets has a lot of room for UI improvement, but those struggles are all meaningless when you recognize the value of this calculator. As a freelancer, it's always unclear how much money you're actually taking home from a project and making sure you're not underpricing yourself. This is something that gets better over time as a freelancer, but in the mean time he/she is leaving money on the table, underpricing themselves, or, worst case scenario, losing money on projects. I'm super impressed by the ease of use and value of information.


Super easy to use


The UI has room for improvement

Thanks so much Emilie!
Hey everyone! Super excited to be launching this calculator on Product Hunt. I've been helping freelancers for the past few years. One of the biggest things freelancers struggle with when starting out is understanding what they should be setting aside for taxes, and how that affects their pricing and margins. With this calculator, you can: - calculate tax withholding on your project - account for common freelance project costs - adjust the inputs to figure out what you should be charging in order to take home what you want It handles supplemental w2 income, self-employment taxes, federal income taxes, and state/local taxes everywhere in the US. We hope this gives freelancers more peace of mind, and allows them to freelance more profitably! Looking forward to your feedback!
Really excited to be launching the calculator on PH today. Over the past 6 months (and multiple years as freelancers ourselves), we've been digging into some of the biggest challenges that freelancers face when running their businesses and the one question that keeps coming to a head is "How do I handle taxes?". We've heard people say things like: - "(Taxes) is absolutely the biggest pain for me personally. At least the most stressful since no matter how much research you do you never know you got it right." - “I am PUMPED for that one (tax withholding) bc I hate taxes. who doesn’t…” The calculator helps provide insights and transparency into what freelancers are actually able to take home on a project by project basis.
When I did freelance back in the day, my #1 complaint was not knowing exactly how much money I was making from each job. Taxes made my life hell. This would have given me some much needed transparency into the billing process. 🎉
@jakeapeters Thanks Jake! We hear "this was such a PITA back when I freelanced" a lot. Hopefully we can make that easier for people that are dipping their toes in the water today.
This would have been SUPER useful for me around 5 years ago...I freelanced for a startup when I was in college/right out of school and had zero idea what I was doing in terms of taxes. I'd take on a few extra projects around tax time and use that income to pay off my tax bill. That worked out ok, but having a tool like this would have made my life a lot easier.
@jon_salm it's especially important when you have w2 income as well. Your marginal tax rate on freelance income is a lot higher.