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We created Freehand to give everyone on your team—designers to developers, copywriters to key stakeholders—a way to collaborate that’s flexible, powerful, easy, and fun. Now, Freehand is a core part of the InVision platform—and it’s better than ever. Your Freehands live alongside your prototypes and Boards, bringing all your digital product design creative exploration together under one roof. As we’ve been refining Freehand over the last several months it’s quickly become a critical part of our workflow—not just for our design team, but for every department in the company. We hope it’s just as powerful for your team. I can’t wait to hear what you think!
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@clarkvalberg Excellent stuff Clark, digging into it now :)
@clarkvalberg Love it, Clark!
@clarkvalberg an infinite design surface with sync to source files? That's pretty awesome. Well done to the team!
Such a legend. Such a legend!!
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Here's a few fun ways we've been seeing folks use Freehand to date... Wireframing - Internally we’re using it for ALL of our wireframing these days. Shape detection is the killer feature here enabling you to create perfect lines, rectangles, and ovals simply by holding the 'option' key while marking. Its crazy quick, meaningfully constrained, and 100% collaborative. https://twitter.com/TheOlmstead/... Design Feedback - Check out Dann Petty's excellent use case as he reviews the equally excellent Grabient on his show from this week! https://youtu.be/mFR_FiflXJI?t=423 Team Standups & Critiques - Many teams are using the Craft Freehand plugin to quickly drop in their Sketch or Photoshop art boards for quick design crits with stakeholders (bonus tip: this means your devs won't need to have Sketch/PS installed to collaborate!). https://www.invisionapp.com/craf... Redlining & Annotation - Jon Moore expounds on how Freehand has completely changed his redlining process when working with his team. https://medium.com/ux-power-tool... Digital Sketching - We’ve even seen some great digital sketches popping up including this amazing one by Jason Roache. https://twitter.com/Jroache1/sta...
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And the best just keeps getting better! Love that you are always innovating and not resting at the top. #Inspiration
Nice tutorial to get acquainted with your product ! I like the smooth transition between my own drawing and the squared shape ! Will keep an eyes on this