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I've just started using this recently to learn JavaScript, and I absolutely love it. It takes courses from other places such as Codecadamy and teaches using real world applications. They say that if you complete the entire course (1600 hours in total, of which 800 is working on actual projects for nonprofits ), you'll be experienced enough to get a job as a developer.
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@riaface Absolutely love this concept! Cool find, Ria!
This is a great concept - you learn & non-profits benefit.
Looks promising. I applied for my non-profit. Will see how this goes :)
hello @jpvalery can you share your thoughts on how it was for your nonprofit? Huge thanks!
I think this is an amazing initiative. Definitely going to use it to build experience.
This is great. I wonder what the completion rate is. I mean when you say 1600 hours, that would seem to be a deterrent for many in this instant learning world. I do like how it works though, and the nonprofits getting help is a great idea.