Freebiesbug is a space where web developers and designers can find some free resources for their work. You can browse through a variety of high-quality fonts, PSDs, coding plugins and templates, and much more.

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Hi, I am the founder of Freebiesbug. Please feel free to share your thoughts about it!
@pacovitiell This is fantastic, thanks for putting this together.
@pacovitiello Hi there, looks great! I'd recommend having there a video section and it's an integral part of web design. If you do, I think that @Coverrco ( can be a great fit ;)
Could you add a section for Principle prototypes? There are a lot of freebies on dribbble about Principle.
Great little design repo. Really nice to see one with some code resources too. Would love to see some more interaction design here.
People love design resources :) While I was flicking through, I noticed some were a little low quality, so may be worth taking a look. Example:
@bentossell You are probably right Ben, but I thought that it was worth to be published because, though that's not a "design masterpiece", it is very complete. Hand-picking free high-quality resources is harder then you may think; I've been scanning the web every day since 2012 and I've still learning what my readers do appreciate and what they don't.
This is great value for people building out an MVP . The more you can save, the more features your 1st MVP has. That's where I see the true value in these collections. Tools like this are furthering the trend this year of companies being about to put our a more robust MVP for the same money that they would have spent 6 months ago and therefore get a much better read on the market
@workstationw Yep, sometimes it's better to get started with a ready-made resource to create a MVP, that helps to save a lot of time!