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#4 Product of the WeekApril 10, 2016

Freebiesbug is a space where web developers and designers can find some free resources for their work. You can browse through a variety of high-quality fonts, PSDs, coding plugins and templates, and much more.

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Pasquale Vitiello
Pasquale VitielloMaker@pacovitiello · Full-stack designer,
Hi, I am the founder of Freebiesbug. Please feel free to share your thoughts about it!
Chris Frantz
Chris Frantz@frantzlight ·
@pacovitiell This is fantastic, thanks for putting this together.
Yoav Hornung
Yoav Hornung@yoavush · Co-founder +
@pacovitiello Hi there, looks great! I'd recommend having there a video section and it's an integral part of web design. If you do, I think that @Coverrco ( can be a great fit ;)
frank rapacciuolo
frank rapacciuolo@frankiefreesbie · UI/UX Designer
Could you add a section for Principle prototypes? There are a lot of freebies on dribbble about Principle.
Pasquale Vitiello
Pasquale VitielloMaker@pacovitiello · Full-stack designer,
@frankiefreesbie Not a bad idea!
Tom Frauenfelder
Tom Frauenfelder@tomfrauenfelder · Founder
Great little design repo. Really nice to see one with some code resources too. Would love to see some more interaction design here.
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
People love design resources :) While I was flicking through, I noticed some were a little low quality, so may be worth taking a look. Example:
Pasquale Vitiello
Pasquale VitielloMaker@pacovitiello · Full-stack designer,
@bentossell You are probably right Ben, but I thought that it was worth to be published because, though that's not a "design masterpiece", it is very complete. Hand-picking free high-quality resources is harder then you may think; I've been scanning the web every day since 2012 and I've still learning what my readers do appreciate and what they don't.
Bill Lewis
Bill Lewis@workstationw · PM--Dave's Office Installations
This is great value for people building out an MVP . The more you can save, the more features your 1st MVP has. That's where I see the true value in these collections. Tools like this are furthering the trend this year of companies being about to put our a more robust MVP for the same money that they would have spent 6 months ago and therefore get a much better read on the market
Pasquale Vitiello
Pasquale VitielloMaker@pacovitiello · Full-stack designer,
@workstationw Yep, sometimes it's better to get started with a ready-made resource to create a MVP, that helps to save a lot of time!