Freebies to Dropbox

Curated freebies (icons, mocks, fonts) right to your Dropbox

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@navidsafa I like the simplicity in delivering content directly through Dropbox but the landing page is a bit sparse. What type of icons, fonts, etc. are you providing and where are they sourced from? Is everything free for personal or commercial use? Since you're delivering assets directly to Dropbox, it's harder to include that type of information.
@rrhoover we'll add the commercial usage info up front now. we do include it in the dropbox folders as txt files. we didn't want to put examples up on the landing page because that takes a bit away from the surprise. w
Hi Everyone - Navid from Placeit here. We hope you like the project. Would love any suggestions. Thanks!
@navidsafa dude I think this is brilliant. No (newsletter) opt-in/unsubscribe bullshit, just copy what you like. Love it (and I subscribed) *edit* just got the invite, awesome!
@bramk thanks man. glad you like it
No new content since December. @navidsafa did this project end?
@chrismessina we're starting it back up again this week.