Freebies.ByPeople is a curated collection of freebies for designers & developers where you can find all kinds of useful assets such as icons, fonts, GUI kits, templates, graphic goodies and more, all for personal/commercial use.
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Hey @Kevin, thank you so much for hunting us! When we started working on Freebies.ByPeople, we thought of it as a side project for our website; however, it began to gradually turn into a great opportunity to launch a fresh, well-crafted website with all the essential features that we as designers could think of: 🚢 Focus on a clean & organized interface that people can navigate easily 🚅 Make sure that its loading times are blazing fast ⛵ Use a pleasant color palette that looks and feels great 🚴 Craft trendy illustrations to demonstrate our vision ✈️ Use fluid animations to keep the eye interested :) Not only is it a big deal for us to officially launch our new website, but also that we're doing it right after reaching one of the first milestones that we set out to accomplish when we first started this project: putting together 1000+ of the best freebies in a single place, all free-for-commercial use, which we handpicked to only the best quality assets that fellow designers & developers like us can use to save some time while searching for and testing new tools/resources. You'll find stuff like: ✅ CSS snippets & code plugins ✅ Professional fonts & vector icons ✅ Tons of UI kits & templates in HTML/CSS, Figma, XD, Sketch & Ai formats ✅ Great WordPress themes and plugins ✅ Awesome looking 3D models & renders Now that we have launched, I gotta say I'm pretty excited and appreciate all the feedback and roasting that you guys can send our way, and wanted to give special thanks to everyone who took the time to cheer us up on the road and pointed out errors we missed!
Love this idea, already I can see some awesome collections from my favourite digital assets companies such as Lstore. To have many similar freebie creatives in one place is super useful!
@omar_farook Omar, yes ! we even have a deal with some of their products :) actually I'm a fan too. Did you check the animation in your mobile phone, it works with the accelerometer ;)
@juanpablosarmi Looks super awesome my man! Honestly great work :)
@omar_farook Thanks Omar :) great you liked it, hope you can use some of the resources in Glorify and your next projects.
Thanks for this interesting project!
@hanna_welch Thanks Hanna, we worked a lot to get all the stuff curated and selected, I hope the resources can be handy, don't miss the fonts, there are pretty neat ones ;)
@hanna_welch Maybe you can find something useful for your filewhooper project ;)
@juanpablosarmi your project is very helpful for startups like FileWhooper, many thanks!
@hanna_welch BTW, I really (REALLY) need FileWhooper, we usually handle files of even several GB in our deals.
@juanpablosarmi Sorry for the late reply! Hope you have a great start of the week :) Recently we have launched the FileWhopper Beta version With FileWhopper Beta you can send up to 3 files or folders of up to 1TB each for free. Also, you can add additional services to your transfers, like more downloads or more days of storage, for free. More transfers will be available when the full version is released with no need to buy a monthly storage plan, just pay a one-time fee based on file size. Please do not worry, your free transfers will not be lost after the full version is released and they will continue to be free. Your feedback on our project is very appreciated and if you are interested in further collaboration drop me message here or email
Amazing! Tons of useful resources for my projects. A site to check every day.
@miguel_angel_carrero_medina Mike, Thanks !! wptg is on its way to be launched here !!
@miguel_angel_carrero_medina once we finished the layout builder :)
Really good curated selection of commercial use resources, which comes handy for startups !
@thisis_ads Thanks Deepak ! yes, we curated a lot of resources, it's actually a time consuming task ;) but is even good for us and the tea, to have a great selection of resources to use. Did you check the fonts section ?