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Thanks for the hunt Kevin! Hello fellow hunters πŸ‘‹ I’ve always found Twitter to be a great source of fresh content (especially if you use lists and search) and Feedly is my catch all for content sources, so creating a Twitter to RSS generator has been a big time saver with content discovery. Which is why we decided to open it up to anyone else also wanting this solution πŸ‘ The Twitter RSS Feed Generator has a couple of features; > First off, it is totally free for life, so go wild > UPDATE SINCE LAUNCH: You can convert Twitter hashtags, searches, lists and user feeds into RSS Feeds > There are two RSS outputs; - RSS feed of all of the Tweets - RSS feed of the content links shared in the Tweets (for adding to marketing tool like Buffer) Hope you enjoy, and let us know what you think πŸ‘‚
@briscradley How does it works for the hashtag? I tried adding this URL, but it didn't work
@adinajipa sorry about that, were just working on a bug with /hashtag/ URL's but you can still get the results for #socialmediaanalytics by searching for it and using the search URL - Should have a fix by tomorrow for /hashtag/ urls.
@adinajipa Just wanted to let you know it now works on hashtag URL's and public profile URLs πŸ‘
Very useful to use in the making of chatbots. πŸ˜ƒ
Thanks @mrcalexandre! Would be to see what you come up with πŸ‘
Come up with one for Facebook and the world will thank you!
@androidlove we'll take a look into it πŸ˜‰
yes please!
It is super useful & would be even more if it worked for hashtag
@rooveena it works with a hashtag search URL, like this one -
@rooveena Just wanted to let you know it now works on hashtag URL's and peoples profile πŸ‘