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Curated collection of 540+ free tools to grow your startup.

A curated collection of 540+ free and freemium tools for startups.
🧰 110 free SEO tools
🧰 37 free Social Media tools
🧰 29 free Email Marketing tools
🧰 63 free Sales tools
🧰 83 free Productivity tools
🧰 180 free Design and Creative tools
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Aloha, Product Hunt! It's Kalo here, curator and creator of this collection that contains hundreds of marketing, productivity and design tools to launch and grow your startup. Why I created this directory? It all started with an article about all the tools we use to run our startup and how we use them. I found out that most of the tools we use at Encharge have some sort of a freemium plan. That's when I decided to put together an Airtable database with all the best free tools around. ^ Hundreds of people downloaded this database/list in less than a week. Hell, people like free tools! I thought why not turn this database into a website? You can see the result at P.s. Feel free to vote for your favorite tool or submit a tool recommendation here.
@kaloyanyankulov very interesting. Which tool do you feel like impacted your startup the most and why?
Thanks for the share Kalo!
@alex_petkov You're welcome, bud!
thanks for this :)
@kaloyanyankulov just FYI, the title of your page just has a square in it, which i'm assuming was supposed to be an emoji or something? Anyway it just shows up as a 🧰