Free Server

A free web server to play, learn, experiment, whatever

Free for 40 minutes, can extend with Bitcoin or credit card.
works like a charm, love the idea!
This is sooo awesooome :) I wish I can give them 3 votes :) Wait, can I use this server to hack the government ?
@bogomep you might just be joking, but have a feeling the big challenge of running a service like that will be having to deal with people using the servers for nefarious purposes... Love the one-click setup and the Bitcoin payments, but suspect it'll be too hard to control without at least requiring an email on signup...
Might also be a good idea to update docker on the underlying servers. The version running right now is vulnerable to the schoker PoC VMM-container breakout.
@biilmann Thanks for the heads up. Will get that fixed soon.
@noupload should be as simple as updating to the latest version of Docker - but you'll want to consider how to handle similar exploits when they come along!
@biilmann Yes its been updated to 1.1 now. There are a number of checks in place to prevent abuse. But let me know if you have any tips and suggestions since you probably have similar concerns. Thanks!
I love this! You should market it to all the coding companies so they can provide it to their students!
@atShruti Glad you like it! I was thinking along the same lines. If you know of any specific companies that should be contacted please share. Thanks!