Free Revenue and Churn Calculator

Project up to 10 years of revenue growth for your SaaS

Our free revenue calculator lets you project how much your business will be making three, five or ten years from now and allows you to play with different churn measures and projection timescales to test for different scenarios.
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Hi PH! We're working on a new subscription billing platform - it's not quite ready to share yet, but in the meantime, we wanted to share this free MRR calculator with the Product Hunt community. We've been working on our projections internally, with spreadsheets all over the place to calculate the impacts of various churn scenarios, and we thought a free tool might help other subscription businesses to calculate their own recurring revenue into the future. Hope this helps, and if you'd like to find out more about Billsby when it's ready to launch, there's a waitlist on the website, or you can subscribe on ProductHunt Upcoming:
As a SAAS PM, I looked at this data regularly and think this is definitely a useful tool. Tips: - People love to benchmark their metrics with the industry, so adding the metrics for different SAAS categories could be useful - The calculator fields could use more explanation/tooltips