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#3 Product of the DayDecember 05, 2019
Add articles to the Knowledge Base and share them with your users in live chat, on your website and inside the product. Your customers can find the answers anytime, even when the support team is asleep. Analyze the effeciency. Optimize SEO. Knowledge is power!
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Hey Product People! I'm Valerie, not CEO @ We work hard on perfecting customer communication. Our main mission is to help SaaS teams be closer to their users. When support is needed, it must be provided as quick as possible. Our team is excited to tell the world about Dashly Knowledge Base. It helps you create a collection of articles with FAQ and instructions about your product. The Knowledge Base brings customer support to a new level. No more copypasting, long messages typing, surfing the internal docs to find the info, appointing chat conversations to your colleague who knows how to solve a particular issue. Forget about all that fuss. Dashly team has the solution. It's easy: create categories, add as many articles as needed to the Knowledge Base and send them when communicating in live chat within 3 clicks. Dashly mobile application allows your agents share the articles in live chat on the go. Great news for marketers: each article in the Knowledge Base can go through indexing. Improve SEO ranking of your product with Dashly Knowledge Base. Let your customers be proactive as well! Just place the link to the Help Center on your landing page, in the welcome message or within the product. This brings you closer to self-service. We are 100% sure that Knowledge Base by Dashly will decrease the response time of your support team and make your customers happy and successful. Last but not least: Dashly Knowledge Base is free. Enjoy a new level of customer support! Best regards, Valerie
@valeryfenskaya Wow this is so good, congratulations on the launch!
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I've been using Dashly for a few weeks now, and I can confirm their knowledge base is a great resource, especially for onboarding new clients like myself. I'd love to see more companies and service providers using it.
@cedric_debono Thanks, Cedric
@cedric_debono nice to meet you Cedric! Thank you for your feedback and help. Supportive customers and partners drive the best products.
Nice job, team! Everything looks just awesome, so proud of you :)
@new_user_6f8be68397 appreciate you thoughts 🙏🏼
Before: chat + KB = Dashly & zendesk Now: chat + KB = Dashly Nice changes guys!
@irka_alieva thank you Irene! awesome maths done :)
So cool you finally did it! 'Cause it seems that built-in help centers are kind of a "must have" amongst products like Dashly. Couldn't wait to see your version of this feature ever since you announced it here) Really like your takes on the market's needs and requests. Your team really do listen to your users :)
@toi4eg appreciate your words! this is totally customer feedback-based feature