[Free Course] Blogging for business

10 video lessons on growing business via content marketing

Back in 2015 Ahrefs Blog was barely getting 15k visits/month from Google and had almost 0 impact on our business.
As of today, it has crossed 400k visits/month and it is our second biggest customer acquisition channel.
This course documents how we did that.
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7 Reviews5.0/5
Hey producthunters! We released this course two years ago and used to charge $799 for it. But because of the current events we decided it might be a good idea to release it free for everyone, no signup required. Looking forward to your feedback! :)
@timsoulo Yes, I have really enjoyed it. Learnt to use ahrefs' the most. Thank you aHrefs and Tim for the course.
This will probably be the best free content marketing course you’ve ever taken. The videos are brief, but still manage to pack in substance. And Tim manages to cover the basics, while offering some more advanced stuff. I *almost* want to say that I’m surprised He is offering the course for free right now... but I’m, actually, not! Its a smart marketing move :)
@ashley_g_ thanks, Ashley :)
I recommend this course to every SEO newbie!
This is hands down the best course ever on content planning, keyword research and (white hat) link building.
My colleague has been doing this course, and she's been giving amazing feedback! Can't wait to set my eyes on it :) (this is completely independent review to whoever thinks it's not). Good luck with the launch, I'll share it with our marketing team!