Frazy Numbers

A game to fix your relationship with maths 😍

We've just launched our second game, Frazy Numbers! It has tinderesque design where you swipe math equations towards the right answer. We built this because I was terrible at doing mental arithmetic and wanted to fix my relationship with numbers. I wanted something simple that I could play as I was on the tube or the bus, so that the next time someone asked me a simple equation, I don't stare blankly at them while trying to take my phone's calculator out. Hope you like it πŸ™ From the creators that brought you #THATSFRAZY (
Haha this is awesome!! Do you get more points for doing multiple symbols at the same time?
Thanks Gary! Glad you like it! There are two leader boards: Single Symbol and Mixed Symbols. So each leader board has it's own pointing system, therefore you don't necessarily get extra points for doing mixed symbols, you just enter that leader board instead :)