Focus on creativity, let AI do the research for your content

#3 Product of the DayMay 20, 2019
For anyone creating content on a regular basis, Frase helps you research faster so you can focus on creativity. A tool to optimise your content for search engines based on topics, popular questions and more.
  • Pros: 

    Can really help with content generation, e.g., newsletters.


    Buggy platform. No help available.

    I want to like this, but the topics that I research are either too niche or Frase doesn't scrape a wide enough net. For example, I do a lot of research on workplace collaboration, leadership, employee engagement, etc. The "relevant" articles I receive are things about current workplace sexual harassment cases. Also, the platform itself is still pretty buggy. I'd classify it as alpha. For example, if I try to delete a document, I keep getting pestered to extend my trial. Why? I just want to delete a document I started.

    Devin Dreher has used this product for one day.
  • Joe Robison
    Joe RobisonSEO Consultant, Green Flag Digital

    - Super easy to use - Assists greatly on the research process - Price is right - Amazing customer support - Proprietary tools make it


    - Not many cons at all, some cool additional features would be tighter integration with Google search volume

    I've been using the product for a couple months and really love the tool. It's a Swiss army knife that can be used for content creation, curation, or research. The team is super helpful to explain and teach how to use the tool, and the value is outstanding. They've also been releasing new features on a regular schedule, so I look forward to more and more cool features being released constantly.

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Hello Product Hunt and thank you @stevenjmesser! Great way to start the week :) We started Frase with the idea of building an intelligent writing tool with an integrated Research Assistant - ever wasted time going back and forth between browser tabs and word processor? But what if you had a word processor where you write and a layer on top of it where you search, all within the same browser? No more time lost navigating between tabs, and no more copying and pasting. That was the simple premise that gave life to Frase. We thought an AI-powered Research Assistant should accelerate research tasks to help the writer focus on creativity and strategy. For example, Frase automatically summarizes articles, and recommends topics in context. Most of our customers use Frase to create research-driven content faster. If you are into SEO or content marketing, you probably care about creating content that matches user intent and growing organic traffic. Thats what Frase is all about! Thank you all for checking us out, Tommy
I came across Frase through an advert and figured I'd give it a try, as I've been looking into optimising blog posts for search engines. It's a pretty overwhelming field and I wasn't sure how to approach it – so it was a relief to find a tool that proposes doing all the thinking for you! I've used it to tweak a couple of blog posts and noticed an uplift in impressions, clicks and ranking position on those blog posts – it seems to be working so far.
@stevenjmesser Just a note that it's Frase, and in your comment you have it listed as Frames. ;)
@taylor_pipes Damn autocorrect! Thanks Taylor!
I've been using Frase for a number of months. We've used it to refresh the content on our blog, and figure out some of those tricky SERPs that we weren't able to move. Seeing how your content ranks against competitors and breaking it down into clusters is really cool.
@tommy_ai Content research tools is a great niche indeed, congrats! I would like to offer you to publish an interview about it at - how does that sound?
Interesting tool, will definitely take a closer look - after a few minutes of playing around, I have to say it's definitely the most intuitive SEO optimizer I've ever seen ;)