Franke sorts your team's email into Slack

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We've seen several Slack-based products emerge lately, including today's slightly unusual, Slavatar. This really shows the impact Slack has made in the industry (cc @stewart, @matmullen). @jackdweck created a collection of Slack hunts recently. cc @mulligan
First time i have seen the "sign in with slack" functionality
Gotta love the home page! Great email integration tool for Slack, with rules to sort emails into specific channels and easy to follow snippets & attachments. Already doing wonders in helping us manage our CRM needs in Slack.
what was that – old, pre OS X – mac game where you were a floating circle and you moved it around eating things? that last scroll with the hot dogs floating about reminds me of that.
it sounds very cool; but I think that it would be great to see some screenshots of the product in action. as it's hard to fully understand the user experience without signing in here