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@kristofertm · Founder @ Lamplighter Labs. #7 on PH.
This has an anonymous chat roulette type feel, but also adds your social network to let you find yourself communicating with one of your friends, and not knowing which one. Also, I love these head scratchers. This is a funny graphic to have on the website  See more
Ilya Volkau
@ilya_volkov · СOO, Frandom
Hello Hunters! @kristofertm thank you for the hunt! We're happy to introduce Frandom. The idea to built it came when we thought about today's social networx & messengers that can hardly be used for simply unloading some of your thoughts. Mostly those that won't fit your profile, little ones that we might not want to later defend in front of the whole wor… See more
Ilya Volkau
@ilya_volkov · СOO, Frandom
We also added "producthunt" group for everyone here! Match you there!