Now with auto-code, an all-new way to design with code

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Apart from the increase in pricing everything else is a go :D
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@h_halvi ...just imagine all the time you will save :D
@h_halvi $129 seems pretty reasonable for it's functionality. Akin to a Sketch license.
@h_halvi Agree. For a professional designer who use it on a daily basis it's a no-brainer. But for me to pay $129 for a year of using it hmm I'm not sure. Though I don't mind to pay $129 and wait for a new major version. I can't explain why :)
Love this execution: through code, properties dialogue and visual display you get to build a better understanding of the relationship between what you see and how it's built: using whatever method you're most comfortable with. More than teaching designers to code, or developers to design, it gets to act as a translator between the two.
I would love to see a new wave of UI Kits that include a Framer.js "Kit".
Good tool. But not really sure if the code on the side helps. What's the main goal for Framer - Letting users make prototypes?
Is this what storyboards are supposed to be in Xcode?
@tomfme I think so, but it is much friendlier than Xcode. The better these tools become, the smaller the gap between prototyping and development. Neonto is one to watch as well
@armi2n @tomfme xCode has a steeper learning curve imo. I've been using framer for a while, this new update makes me super happy.