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Thanks for featuring us! We launched a pretty nifty chrome extension today which allows you to annotate any attachment inside Gmail itself. Pretty excited about it. You should definitely check it out! ( We want to enable people to review and discuss their files wherever they are finally..would really like to know what PH users think about it. P.S: Thanks Kevin, Ryan!
@jumbld cool product. Any plans for a feature specifically for designating pixel measurements? For example, when a designer passes off UI to a developer. Just a heads up, the javascript (typer.js?) for rotating words on the homepage appears a little funky for me: (Macbook Pro Retina, Chrome v36).
@msarlitt Will think about adding that. Pixel measurements will be super cool for UI designers! Thanks for the video! Looking into it right now..have been seeing problems with Chrome 36.
Their new "Mail Markup" feature looks slick, giving users the opportunity annotate from within gmail. We've been using Red Pen and Invision to share and annotate designs, publicly and privately.
@rrhoover @kwdinc Nice to see Framebench here.This is a good team that is cracking away to give us a solid solution to (visual) digital media markup. @jumbld Jai Natarajan (a close friend) had just told me about how you guys were working with the gmail API/Chrome. Well done. Let's talk soon along with him on how I can be helpful to you in any way.
@kartikparija Thanks a lot Kartik! Surely would love to catch up with you soon. Jai has been immensely helpful to us.
@jumbld Oh yes I know. He has kept me up to date on you for the last 18 months. Let's meet when you are in Bangalore next.
A multimedia collaboration tool allowing creative teams to work together and give quality feedback in real time directly on the said assets which could be anything from high resolution images, to affecting changes on a specific frame in a full HD video, to high quality 3D rendered images.