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Accelerated, secure, & indestructible uploading to

The Watch Folder app for macOS the fastest way to transfer giant media files to It's accelerated which means we saturated all available bandwidth. It's indestructible which means you can restart your computer in the middle of an upload and it will automatically resume right where it left off.

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Looks awesome. UI does looks better than dropbox... - Do you plan to extend even more integrations - to third party (without the need of folders) , or is there an API planned (for uploads) ?
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@yannnis We do have other integrations with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects so you can upload directly from those apps. This new menubar app also houses our Final Cut Pro X integration so you can upload from within Final Cut via Share Destinations and it will trigger the menubar app upload. The good thing about Watch Folders is you don't need that direct app integration to have a great automated workflow but short answer, yes. API on the way :)
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Great job!! 😊
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@ayush_chandra Thanks Ayush!
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Hey @emerywells, Can you tell us a bit more about why this build is so important?
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@jacqvon Absolutely. At our mission to power the worlds video creation. has often been compared to "InVision for video". One key difference about solving collaboration for video vs design is the files are huge. Getting giant video files into a cloud environment can be challenging for a number of reasons. Our new macOS menubar app is significant for a few reasons: 1. It's accelerated which means we will fully saturate your available bandwidth. If you benchmark our uploader against a service like Dropbox, can often be up to 5X faster. 2. It's indestructible - we have tested this uploader in every terrible condition we could think of. On super high latency connections, super slow connections, or even losing your connection entirely. You can restart your computer and unplug your external drive. When the conditions are back to normal, the upload will resume right where it left off. You can move terabytes of video data into via this watch folder app. Watch folders are great for dailies workflows. You can render out from any creative app (like DaVinci Resolve or Adobe Premiere Pro) into a watch folder and have everything automatically get uploaded to, folder structure fully intact. This means you can hit render on a batch of dailies, go to bed, and wake up with your entire days shoot on
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Would love to see product in current work environment.


Looks like an Amazing product