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Your Final Cut Pro X timeline now in the cloud

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Talk about the integration of my dreams. At first, solved my (and every other editors) problem of exporting from FCP X as a file, uploading to Vimeo, YouTube or Dropbox and then going back and forth with the client on revisions. With this, one click of a button and my project and project files can be in the cloud ready for my client to view. co-founder here. 6 months ago I visited Apple and met with the pro video team to give them a sneak peek of before we launched. Fast forward to today, this companion app for Final Cut Pro X is our first product launch since launching the company 12 weeks ago. For any video creators out there, this combo of with FCP-X and our new companion app makes a super powerful and accessible way to run your jobs from start to finish. We solved a bunch of time consuming workflow issues like batch publishing an entire timeline as individual clips so everyone on a project can instantly get access to all your footage. We built some smart features like flexible clip selection so you can upload only a handful of clips in your timeline without wasting time deconstructing it. Would love to hear feedback from all the creators out there!
@emerywells awesome work emery! Really nice!
@emerywells This would be game changing for me. Thanks man! I'll certainly try this out for my next project!
@athulsuresh @emerywells Sweet! Feel free to reach out with feedback :)