Frame.io 2

A radically reimagined way to collaborate on video


Emery Wells
@emerywells · CEO, Frame.io
Thanks for posting Ben! Frame.io CEO here. This was a huge release for us (our biggest yet). It was also our first major release since vastly expanding the engineering team so a major win for us. Hope everyone likes it!
Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
https://vimeo.com/211351786 Dashboard Projects dashboard has been redesigned for speed and simplicity New breadcrumb bar makes it easier to navigate your folder structure New search bar to quickly find projects in the sidebar Collaborators now show up at the top of the page New collaborator pane simplifies the searching, inviting, and management of people … See more
Alexandre Mouriec
@mrcalexandre · Associate @ Argos VR | Writer @ Stuffi
Wow, the product video(and so the product) is so good that I want to use the product even if I don't need it 🔥👏
Johnny Cheng
The team at Frame.io have built a truly great product for video collaboration. Epic.
Clark Valberg
@clarkvalberg · CEO at InVisionApp.com
Game changed. Again. Unbelievable work @emerywells and team!