Easily create reallife product shot mockups.

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Hi, I'm one of the Frame team. Thanks for all of the comments, suggestions and votes, it's really been a great boost and has spurred us on to make more scenes available and develop new features that'll really make the service stand out from the crowd. We're currently working on getting some features finished that will help us scale up a little better (didn't expect to have to do that 3 days after launch, oops!), so please keep an eye on the site over the next few weeks for new stuff popping up! I've also created a Twitter account (@FrameByLab25) that we'll be using to Tweet about new features and scenes as they become available. I'll make sure it's kept as tweetspam-free as possible.
@paulaik @FrameByLab25 Love the experience. Kudos!
Nice, simple and useful. Perhaps you could open it up and allow designers to upload their own frames with some simple way to define the image manipulation to make it fit. This would dramatically open up the potential.
This just made my day because I needed some shots for a product launch. Now I don't have to struggle through GIMP or hire someone on oDesk to get this made. No friction, great results. Thank you.
Seems to be dead
A great friend of my recently created this. There are a few similar products but this is A. Free and B. SUPER fast.