An unofficial Framer for Web desktop app for Mac

A minimal, calm desktop companion app for the new Framer for Web.
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⌘+k is pretty widely used, for example most of vscode's 'chords' start with it. The app itself is awesome!
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@nickisnoble Agreed. @suparchie, don't make this a global hotkey. It interferes with a lot of other apps. Slack, VSCode, Microsoft Teams, etc..
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@nickisnoble Nick thank you so much for this feedback!! This is really important and I want to get this fixed asap so this doesn't interfere with anyone's workflow. Off the top of your head, would you be able to think of any "I would never ever use that" keybindings I can swap it out with?
@nickisnoble @suparchie I would honestly just make it configurable by the user, including whether it is a feature that is enabled or not. I personally never need to use a hotkey to bring an application front and center. I have Alfred and `⌘+Tab` for that.
This is potentially life changing
@entrepreneurish I wouldn't go that far but thank you 🤗
Any chance of doing the same but for windows?
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@brianmoyano Absolutely! Drop your email here and I'll send you an update when the Windows version is out (very shortly)
After seeing Framer launch their free web-based tier yesterday I was excited to get on board but disappointed that there wasn't a free companion app as I personally find browser-based design distracting. So here's a simple desktop version that supports everything on the web version including Google login, drag and drop etc. For people who regularly will swap between Framac and their text editor, Slack etc.: this app also includes a keybinding (⌘+k) that brings the app to the forefront of what you're doing.
What it does? I did not understand from landing page. You can show how does it adds value to my time on website.
@misir Hi Misir! Sorry it wasn't clear, it's simply a desktop application version of Framer for Web (