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Maybe Im just an anti-social person, but I don't understand all the products that 'connect you to new friends' I mean, Ive made new friends over slack and twitter (hi @chrismessina + @jnsdls + @imcatnoone etc) but that is because we cross paths on similar interests, startups etc. I don't actively go on to Twitter and think....hmmm in the market for a new pal today - who shall I chat to? So I dont understand being matched randomly either. I understand the prop of a topic based matching system 'introducing you to a fellow bot lover' or something along those lines. Maybe its my old age of 26 that I'm just not the target for this but I'd love to know about the market who love this kind of thing. We had a pen-pal app on the other day which I feel similarly about but others like them!
@bentossell @chrismessina @jnsdls Oh hayyyyy Ben. Happy we're frands.
@bentossell @chrismessina @jnsdls @imcatnoone Hi Ben!! Thanks for your comment! Yeah, some people says that!! Everything and use cases are up to users. Some people just chat about their business and exchanges their info like Chit chat. Even some of them like to meet up. So, I would understand your idea. Even for me, I really love to meet up many people in personal like you, I think!! The reason of why our team has a passion for Foxsy is we all lived in other countries!! In my case, so far, I have lived in some foreign countries like Brazil, London, Italy, and now San Francisco. As I have met a lot of great folks in other countries, I have noticed I should have shared this experience as many people as possible in my life!! Coz, when you meet up with some great, in my case, like @Chrismessina, I have felt. My life is super awesome! hehe Even thought this is a great experience and idea, everyone needs to talk to get to know each other before meeting up. Basically, by using Foxsy, we can increase the possibility of meeting with the right person based on your interest, topic, language, career, education, community, etc!! (That's we are working on now) Plus, Foxsy tries to provide the best approach to both of users. That's the reason for using Face recognition system to have a proper pic to understand who you are. Also, we implement a sentimental analysis for the Letter to figure out which negative and offensive words should not be there!! Thus, we keep two chances. When Users send a seamless message to others. They might not be able to get a reply from them. Moreover, the Letter receiver feels the aggressive and seamless messages are kinda wasting their time. We are here to increase the possibility the right person to chat based in their life to make meaningful and beautiful connections!
@imcatnoone @bentossell @chrismessina @jnsdls, I love to join the squad!! hehe Anyway, thanks for giving us the comments!! Just followed you!!
@bentossell I'm old too and this is one person's opinion but what I've seen: - friend groups are very important if your single and kind of doing the dating game... It's not something that is explicit or conscious but the amount of effort towards it changes as life becomes more stable? - friend groups and networks are super important if you're new to a town or country or job or you don't like your old friends and are reinventing yourself. In general humans need friends. - if you don't work at an awesome company, you aren't around friends all day. You wait all day to leave and go home... And you crave like minded people. But your tired from work and randomly introducing yourself is hard All in all though I'm a tired, old 26 year old who sees these apps and thinks I'm too old and tired for that.
@jinhtanaka none of that is to knock your product! It looks awesome and is a really neat flow for messenger
I would have to agree *and* disagree with @bentossell here. I think the 'connect to meet new folks apps' work if you fit into a very specific group (extroverted, going out a lot, just moved and are in a foreign place without any fam or friends, etc.). So you certainly have a target group to focus on and work toward acquiring. But for the introverted folks or average folks in general, probably not. Simply because we gain friends through our own upbringing, work or mutual friends. But that's okay. Your app doesn't and shouldn't be for everyone. What's more, as a woman, I'm hesitant about apps like this simply because I don't want to use another platform that can push a man to insult me if I don't want to be his friend or don't want more than just friendship, despite that being the purpose of the app. Either way, good luck with the product overall and congrats on launching!
@imcatnoone yeh I get your points too and agree with them mostly (although I'd consider myself extroverted, like to go out a lot etc)
@imcatnoone @bentossell I'm CTO at Foxsy. Opinions from women are most important for us! We are always thinking how women can enjoy Foxsy without like offensive message and so on. For example, a first message to others (We call it "Letter" in Foxsy) are checked if it doesn't include any bad words, or negative expressions by natural language processing. Anyway, thank you for your interesting comment, Cat!
@imcatnoone @bentossell Totally agree with you!! My career and life background are based on connecting people together!! Even organizer, Recruiter / Headhunters, and the marketplace for tourist and tour guide. Everyone has a specific preference for their community. But, as we get many feedbacks from people through the interview was they prefer to talk and to have one to one conversation. Meanwhile, our social connections are getting bigger and bigger. Therefore, there is a gap between to being a group and to make a friend. Foxsy can be a middle man/ bot to connect these gaps!! Back to your experience, we implement a Sentimental analysis to analyze if the Letter/ text contents have a negative and aggressive context in order to protect the Letter receiver which could be women too!! We try to make the fill in the gap. For instance, when someone wants to meet up to her, they intend to send a nice message to her. However, there is a lack of user information. That cause a bit difficulty for the sender to approach to others. Thank you. we do our best!! Again, thank you for your comment, Cat Noone!!
@bentossell @imcatnoone if you like to meet up with people and go out, I'm down for that!! Live in San Francisco. This time, I would skip using Foxsy to have a coffee with you!! Thanks for your comment!! Arigato!!
Hi everyone!! My name is Jin. Founder and CEO at Foxsy!! @chrismessina, thank you so much for hunting Foxsy!! You are my Master, thank you!! We have worked on Foxsy since the last April. This time has we changed the service from a romantic dating partner to that new chat friends!! It's a big step and update for us. Basically, our mission is to make meaningful and beautiful connections with the right person! Therefore, we really want to differentiate our service as the identified chat service from an anonymous chat. Because it is very important fo users that they know who they are talking with a proper conversation so that they can start to build some kind of friend's ship etc. Anyway, love to get the feedback from everyone!!
I have been following Foxsy from last couple of months now and it has become better with time. I like the concept and it is really helpful for a new guy in any city. I would like to see much better design for the detailed profile webview. That seems very basic right now. Apart from this, the experience is very smooth. All the best Foxsy team!
Hi @amit_iit, thank for your comment. Yes, we are updating Foxsy more. As you suggested me, improving webview is our next task. Excited to get a feedback directly from you!!
Pretty smart idea. And nicely executed as well.
@weirdowizard Thank you for praising Foxsy, Darshan!