Foursquare Trip Tips

Collect and share travel recommendations from friends.

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Dennis Crowley
Dennis CrowleyMakerHiring@dens · Co-Founder, Foursquare
I love that we made this. Simple, elegant and 100% fueled by feedback/interest/support from our user community! Thanks for all the nudging, everyone! :)
Benjamin Netter
Benjamin Netter@benjaminnetter · CTO @ October
Hey @dens! I've been an heavy foursquare user since 2009. I feel you totally left lists apart for a few years so this is interesting. Three questions though: 1°) are you guys finally working on lists again? 2°) is lists going to be a separate app? would make sense to me. 3°) isn't that admitting foursquare as a platform is failing?
Nathen McVittie
Nathen McVittie@nathenmcvittie · Art Director, Common Goal
@dens Any roadmap to include auto suggests based on history and interests to get the list going?
Dennis Crowley
Dennis CrowleyMakerHiring@dens · Co-Founder, Foursquare
@nathenmcvittie We actually have *another* prototype in the works that does that :) We may merge them at some point. It was important to get this "crowdsourced" one out because so many people were asking for it!
Dennis Crowley
Dennis CrowleyMakerHiring@dens · Co-Founder, Foursquare
@benjaminnetter 1. Yes, though thinking of them as a much bigger part of 4SQ 2. Probably not. 3. Huh? There's 100k developers using our API, including plenty of A-List customers (Apple, MSFT, Twitter, Pinterest) building it into their products. If anything, our API / dev platform is exceeding all expectations.
Justin Kadis
Justin KadisHunter@jkadis
In Oct. 2015, a friend was visiting London with his wife. He asked me for recommendations for places to go while there. I looked through my Foursquare history and put together a list of places and tips for him. I forwarded the email to @dens with a feature request I had in mind: the ability to create a private city guide for a friend. He wrote back: "we are knee deep on working on something like this right now. stay tuned." Today with the launch of Trip Tips, Foursquare users can enter their destination, add a description, and share a link with friends to get recommendations. Well done Foursquare team!
Shaun Tollerton
Shaun Tollerton@tollerton · Senior Product Designer at Deliveroo
Started using Trip Tips to plan an upcoming trip and it's been working great. Friends have already added in some killer places. I do see a grander vision for plans overall. Plans that are smart and can be generated on the fly. I wrote about this here: Looking forward to seeing more from Foursquare.
Dennis Crowley
Dennis CrowleyMakerHiring@dens · Co-Founder, Foursquare
@tollerton Awesome -- be sure to let us know how it works out!
Cole Kennedy
Cole Kennedy@deleted-209412 · Content Strategist & Copywriter
I used this over the last weekend in Miami, and a friend who grew up there (but who doesn't use Foursquare) added a place to my list and I ended up at a killer taco place. When I told another local friend where I went for lunch, he says: "What?! How'd you know about that? Only locals go there!" Suffice it to say, this is such a great way to get local recommendations from friends who might not be avid Foursquare users like me.
Dennis Crowley
Dennis CrowleyMakerHiring@dens · Co-Founder, Foursquare
@cdohertyk Foursquare FTW!
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
I actually still don't use the Foursquare app 🙈 (maybe it's a UK thing? - none of my friends use it either, they've not heard of 🍑 so thats how far behind they are). BUT something like this would be awesome. @jacqvon can attest to how bad I am at planning trips. I like others doing it for me so this is essentially that ;) I know @andrewmettinger would be good to recommend food places for me, @katesegrin and @corleyh would recommend exercise classes that I'd have no interest in and @jacqvon would recommend good bars for me. Maybe the @ProductHunt team should get on this for our next trip to SF instead of our dull looking Google doc (no offence @katesegrin ) 😛 cc @rrhoover
Tarik Kurspahic
Tarik Kurspahic@tariktech · EVP Technology | CTO TeamData
@bentossell @jacqvon @andrewmettinger @katesegrin @corleyh @producthunt @rrhoover - this is similar to but of course stays in digital form... Also, multiple people can contribute, not just from one person.
Daniel Kunz
Daniel Kunz@danielkunz2
@tariktech @bentossell @jacqvon @andrewmettinger @katesegrin @corleyh @producthunt @rrhoover you guys should have a look at :-) I guess it is VERY similar to Foursquare Trip Tips, but as @bentossell said, this isn't really working in Europe :-)