Foursquare Trip Tips

Collect and share travel recommendations from friends.

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I love that we made this. Simple, elegant and 100% fueled by feedback/interest/support from our user community! Thanks for all the nudging, everyone! :)
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Hey @dens! I've been an heavy foursquare user since 2009. I feel you totally left lists apart for a few years so this is interesting. Three questions though: 1°) are you guys finally working on lists again? 2°) is lists going to be a separate app? would make sense to me. 3°) isn't that admitting foursquare as a platform is failing?
@dens Any roadmap to include auto suggests based on history and interests to get the list going?
@nathenmcvittie We actually have *another* prototype in the works that does that :) We may merge them at some point. It was important to get this "crowdsourced" one out because so many people were asking for it!
@benjaminnetter 1. Yes, though thinking of them as a much bigger part of 4SQ 2. Probably not. 3. Huh? There's 100k developers using our API, including plenty of A-List customers (Apple, MSFT, Twitter, Pinterest) building it into their products. If anything, our API / dev platform is exceeding all expectations.
In Oct. 2015, a friend was visiting London with his wife. He asked me for recommendations for places to go while there. I looked through my Foursquare history and put together a list of places and tips for him. I forwarded the email to @dens with a feature request I had in mind: the ability to create a private city guide for a friend. He wrote back: "we are knee deep on working on something like this right now. stay tuned." Today with the launch of Trip Tips, Foursquare users can enter their destination, add a description, and share a link with friends to get recommendations. Well done Foursquare team!
Started using Trip Tips to plan an upcoming trip and it's been working great. Friends have already added in some killer places. I do see a grander vision for plans overall. Plans that are smart and can be generated on the fly. I wrote about this here: Looking forward to seeing more from Foursquare.
@tollerton Awesome -- be sure to let us know how it works out!
I used this over the last weekend in Miami, and a friend who grew up there (but who doesn't use Foursquare) added a place to my list and I ended up at a killer taco place. When I told another local friend where I went for lunch, he says: "What?! How'd you know about that? Only locals go there!" Suffice it to say, this is such a great way to get local recommendations from friends who might not be avid Foursquare users like me.
@cdohertyk Foursquare FTW!
I actually still don't use the Foursquare app 🙈 (maybe it's a UK thing? - none of my friends use it either, they've not heard of 🍑 so thats how far behind they are). BUT something like this would be awesome. @jacqvon can attest to how bad I am at planning trips. I like others doing it for me so this is essentially that ;) I know @andrewmettinger would be good to recommend food places for me, @katesegrin and @corleyh would recommend exercise classes that I'd have no interest in and @jacqvon would recommend good bars for me. Maybe the @ProductHunt team should get on this for our next trip to SF instead of our dull looking Google doc (no offence @katesegrin ) 😛 cc @rrhoover
@bentossell @jacqvon @andrewmettinger @katesegrin @corleyh @producthunt @rrhoover - this is similar to but of course stays in digital form... Also, multiple people can contribute, not just from one person.
@tariktech @bentossell @jacqvon @andrewmettinger @katesegrin @corleyh @producthunt @rrhoover you guys should have a look at :-) I guess it is VERY similar to Foursquare Trip Tips, but as @bentossell said, this isn't really working in Europe :-)