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#4 Product of the DaySeptember 14, 2016
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Always have and always will love Foursquare, excited to try this version out.
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The new Foursquare is much more search centric. Looking pretty hot, especially with the new iOS 10 integrations.
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Thanks @chrismessina for sharing this Mobile app gem. Congratulations @dens @MarissaChacko @thetomytom @jcro for this amazing release. It would be nice to see how you approached the new iOS features to make Foursquare so engaging. A comment here is more than welcome to keep the discussion alive. Feel free to invite any iOS developer involved in the project. BTW, you must check it out this amazing post from the great Mixpanel team in their SIgnal blog about iOS 10: and this one from @jxavvy (VP of Engineering at Mixpanel):
@chrismessina Thanks for the hunt : )
@marissa_chacko yeah girl! :)
Curious to know what the makers think of the comparison between foursqaure and Zomato. I love the experience of Foursqaure but for the use case of search, Zomato functions amazingly well. The leg work that's been done to get the menus into the Zomato experience means that when it comes down to actually wanting to check a restaurant out, I'll open Zomato 9 times out 10. When I'm in an unknown part of town, I'll still open Zomato usually. Foursquare has a much more snazzy experience in detecting where I am and notifying, but doesn't have all the information I might want. Maybe the makers don't think of it this way and I'm going in the wrong direction but would love to hear a bit more on this :)
@kiriappeee I'm with you! I once used both apps but ended up only relying on zomato, mainly because of the prices being right there! some search options were better in foursquare, and recommendations were much better, but somehow I always turned into zomato. Will give it a try with this new update, though
@kiriappeee check out Wine n dine app better than both of them!
I love the new views. Foursquare looks finally much more fun. I updated the app on iOS 10 and while I'm getting the new splash screen, the app look is still the old. Are you running any AB tests?
@ckor We are ... sorry you got stuck in the hold back, we are hoping to end the test as soon as possible but you know the drill, got to confirm our #'s : )
@ckor Yes, we A/B test pretty much everything at Foursquare. We've been iterating on the new homepage for a few months and testing prototypes internally and doing user research. We have a small holdback for the new home screen to verify its impact on search activity and new user retention (the metrics we're most excited about moving the needle on with this update), and to make sure we didn't hurt any other metrics unexpectedly. As far as the rest of the app, we didn't reskin every single screen because we didn't think that was a good use of our engineering and design time - we wanted to focus on the most important pieces. We've also been doing some of our iteration publicly - the new History Tab, for example, has been released publicly for a few months. We've also been making lots of small but impactful tweaks - for example, if you've visited a place more than 5 times, we'll highlight that on your tip so everyone will know that you're a regular!
Foursquare is #1 my go-to for finding places to eat/booze/caffeinate, especially when traveling or in a new neighborhood. Much preferred over Yelp although I did love Kevin Roses' Oink from back in the day.