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Start investing today! With our app, set up an Stocks & Shares ISA or General Account within minutes and have access to your very own investment advisor.

🇬🇧Over 18, UK residents (non-US citizens) only.

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Hi all, I’m Nishil, co-founder & COO at Fountain. Excited to be here – can't wait to hear your feedback and respond to your comments! We've just released Fountain 1.0 on the iOS app store. We realised setting up a Stocks & Shares ISA should be simple and fast. Also, getting access to qualified professionals to help you become more confident investors should be easy and affordable. That's why we built Fountain! For PH users, we're waving minimums (get started with as little as £1). We're craving your feedback to build an awesome app and help you invest towards your future! We're regulated and authorised by the FCA and your investments up to £50,000 are protected under FSCS rules. As with any investments, your capital is at risk. p.s. UK and iOS only for now.