Human-curated Reading List & Content Hub for Entrepreneurs.

Let's face it guys, there's great content with advice, tips, how-to's already on the web for startups that they can read and learn from. But it is getting harder and harder to find the must read content that matter for entrepreneurs. Foundora is an attempt to clear that low-quality noise and help entrepreneurs find the best stuff. Therefore, we curate hundreds of blogs and publish 5 must-ready posts on our homepage and newletter. Plus, there's our huge content hub that we created over the past year that contains top-notch content in 100+ topics. Making it easy for anyone to find the best advice, tips-tricks, hacks based on the stage they are in their startup. I would appreciate any tips, suggestions and feedback at what we're trying to do at Foundora. Let's together make this startup ecosystem less-noisy and more valuable for everyone. It'll help us all. :)
Guys, do check out the Content Hub and you can see how useful it can be to mine stuff you might need to learn / know about for your startup.
Welcome, @SNaimath. I completely agree, there's a TON of good content out there but finding it can be difficult. How are you curating the content today and how do you measure quality as much of it is subjective?
Thanks Ryan, Well the core criteria for selecting a post is the value it provides to startup founders and entrepreneurs. A post should contain some insights, advice, tip-tricks or hacks and should be fairly original (Meaning, it should represent a new perspective or ideas). Also, we share a lot of startups stories and case-studies as they are quite motivational and provide valuable lessons for entrepreneurs. We personally read around 50+ posts from 300+ that we get into our system every single day.