Founders Origin Stories

Learn from the life & origin stories of successful founders

How did founders come up with the idea of their super successful startups? Let's rewind. What did they study or where did they work? All very relevant questions. Let us give you the answers. Learn from their stories. All large companies start small :)
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Hey guys, I just like to keep working on interesting side projects which I think would be helpful to other entrepreneurs and startups. To this end, this time I bring to you: "Founders Origin Stories". Have you found yourself wondering about how Eric Yuan might have come up with the idea of Zoom? How did he contemplate the plunge into entrepreneurship? What was he even doing before? I have numerous times. It always helps to know what other entrepreneurs went through to then adapt the learnings to one's own context. So, in this project, we have: 1. Researched the origin stories of 40+ successful founders of top startups 2. This would help entrepreneurs (aspiring and current) to understand how big ideas originate and how each founder starts small but in a unique way. 3. Individuals can filter and go through founders based on the following: - Code/don't code - Gender - Started as a side project/quit their job - Age - Net worth. You can play with these filters to find the founder who particularly inspires you! 4. We plan to regularly add new founder stories to the list so that this can be enriched. If you want us to cover any particular founder, please share it through this form. Would love to hear your thoughts!
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