Unbiased reviews of startup tools from experienced founders

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This is a highly curated list of products that startups use. It's got contributions from over 1,000 founders from YC and venture backed startups. View your options and find the best products for your startup. Founderkit is also fun to use!
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Founderkit is a reviews site for tools to help you build your startup. It started as a spreadsheet, which we shared with other founders, and quickly evolved into a full-fledged reviews site. It was clear that the data in that spreadsheet would be invaluable to other founders, so we had a duty to find a scaleable way to share it. We’re excited to share Founderkit with you, to save you time or money while building your startup. If you join today, because you found us first, you’ll also get a Product Hunt easter egg in your profile. Would love any and all thoughts! You can't hurt our feelings! 😁 Want the full story? Check it out here:
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@ryanm Cool idea. Were you guys just waiting for to switch their name to startup.teams? haha
As a founder who has been through it multiple times, I'm excited by what Ryan has put together!
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Nice site. Can you speak to why you decided curation was the way to go? Versus something like Siftery that is based on customers using, industry and other "categorization" technique.
@ggnall hi Graham! I'm not sure that curation was the goal. While the list of services is shorter, anyone can rate anything they like. What we did pretty consciously decide on, however, was to put the founder community first, not try to build for everyone at once. What resulted was almost surprising, in terms of usefulness of the data. Founders were able to glance at the site, find exactly what they needed, and implement it, rather than be overwhelmed by options that aren't right for founders starting companies. Thanks! Hope you find the site useful!
Great idea. Brings a new twist to curated lists