Founderfox 2.0

Pitch your startup to the world

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Thanks for checking us out, come pitch your startup in the app with a 1 minute video. Your pitch will instantly post live in the app and the website so VCs, and other users around the world can view your startup. Anyone can comment on pitches, bookmark pitches, share or upvote its a really fun and easy app, come try it out. Also any startup that pitches before Aug 26 has a chance to win tickets to Techcrunch disrupt, right in startup ally with your own booth, take advantage of the biggest startup event of the year, for free.
@koridhandy Great idea, good luck Kori! Go For Launch!
@koridhandy Congrats Kori! I know this update has been in the works for a while now... Happy to see you got it out the door! How did things go at the Twitter Hatch event?
@joshmuccio hey thanks Josh, yeah we have been heads down building new stuff and updating the code base. We are also happy to see we got it out the door :) Twitter Hatch was a fun experience, just to be a finalist was cool enough for us, some really impressive startups there, we met some really cool startup founders too. Cheers dude
Nice job on version 2.0. The channels are a nice feature. Keep it up! 👍
@front9tech thanks dude
Congrats guys! Keep up with the great work.
@robertoscaccia thanks Roberto! good to hear from you..
I've introduced people to FounderFox and they all love it (as do I). It's good to see 2.0 move the idea forward with another big leap.
@paul_s_kemp Hey thanks for the support you rock dude. We have some new apps we are working on, stay tuned :)
Awesome! Love it.