Founder Coffee is a bi-weekly podcast that explores what makes founders tick.

Hosted by Salesflare co-founder Jeroen Corthout, Founder Coffee allows listeners to gain more insight into how founders from Intercom, Mailshake, Showpad, Predictable Revenue and more think about entrepreneurship, life and how they find balance between the two.

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First off, thank you @destraynor for hunting Founder Coffee. 👏 We're excited to be here! This project started out of a desire to learn more about, and from, founders. There are dozens of podcasts out there that bring founders on to talk about business and how their companies became successful, but I wanted to get at the heart of what makes founders tick and how they deal with things. I wanted to get to know the person *behind* the company. Their passions. Their learnings. Life in general... all in an intimate talk. We've had some great guests for coffee so far, and many more great ones planned. If you have any questions you'd like me to ask in future episodes, or guests you'd like to see on the show, or if you just love the show - feel free to drop a comment!
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@destraynor @jeroen_corthout that's great Jeroen! Amazing interviews so far 🎉
@destraynor @jeroen_corthout You're doing a great job! The folks being interviewed are obviously very inspiring and I'd love to see folks like @hnshah on it. However, most of these founders are extremely successful and well-known which is great but do you think it's a good idea to interview lesser-known founders who might have a lot to share in terms of coping with failures or trying to stay relevant in a fast changing environment? Or how about someone like Sridhar Vembu of Zoho who is wildly successful but very less known? He certainly will have a thing or two to say about building a successful company and staying afloat while bootstrapping!
@destraynor @hnshah @irhymeth Hi Arpit! Would be great to have Hiten and Sridhar join the show. I'm also always happy to talk and connect with lesser known founders in person. For Founder Coffee itself I try to keep it high profile, so that we can all learn from experienced founders.
@jeroen_corthout this looks fire 🔥 Would love to follow it on Spotify!
@vishalrohra293 Will submit it to Spotify! 👊



Excellent format! Love the personal nature of it :)


Nothing I can think of

Yay Founder Coffee! The landing page looks great 😄
Pros: I absolutely love the personal touch to it. Most such podcasts turn really boring, but this one keeps you engaged till the end. Cons: Nothing that I can think of yet!