FOUNDD 4.0 for iOS

Find new movies with friends

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Hello product hunters. Lasse here, co-founder and CEO. This is an unreleased beta of the new FOUNDD. We hope you like it. We look forward to your feedback.
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Hi @lalleclausen, would love to know your motivation behind the app and who would benefit the most from this?
@rawrawray Good questions! The motivation is that it's 2014 and there's still not that one app that everybody uses to find out what to watch. Since TV is moving to online on-demand (Netflix, Hulu, now HBO & CBS) we think that this will become useful for more and more people. So hopefully anyone who is looking for new movies & shows to watch online will benefit from this.
Yo, @lalleclausen! I never asked: why are you building FOUNDD? What is it about finding good movies to watch that interests you? I'm always curious to hear entrepreneurs' answer to this. P.S. awesome to meet you IRL finally the other day. :)
@rrhoover Yes, great meeting you too :) We learned so far with FOUNDD that the best way to find movies is from people you know, because you can put their recommendation into context. So what we're trying to build with the app is the digital version of people talking about and recommending each other movies. Movies can be such amazing experiences and we hope to bring them to more people. So any person we get off the TV drizzle and to an awesome movie is a win for us :)
For a second I thought this was a FFFFOUND! relaunch