Foundations Atlas

ML dev tool that saves you up to 8x in cloud GPU costs

Atlas allows you to run, track & evaluate machine learning experiments on your infrastructure.
Currently used by 700+ data scientists, Atlas helps run experiments concurrently & supports the usage of preemptible/spot instances, saving you up to 8x in GPU cost
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19 Reviews5.0/5
I'm an instructor at the University of Toronto (world leading research in AI and ML, with one of our profs winning the Alan Turing Prize in Comp Sci last year). Dessa has been partnering with the program we are running at the university to teach students how to build startups (this year in Health Care AI!). Their experience and will to teach/help has been exceptionally helpful, and their Atlas product is providing a real leg up during our product talks with the student groups. Dessa deserves tons of attention just for their willingness to help educate and dedication, let alone their amazing product. Give it a go! This is fantastic, thanks team <3
@jules2689 Julian! What a fun time working with all of you folks at UofT. Loved having being able to contribute to your course. Thank you very much for the kind words!!
This is exactly what the ML community needs.
Looks awesome!
@addy_russell Thanks Addy! Give the tool a try and let us know your feedback. Happy to answer any questions