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Hey @Ben, Daniel from ZURB here! Foundation for Emails was hunted previously, but that was a rebrand of Ink. We've been working on this new version for over a year now. Here's what's new in Foundation for Emails 2: • A fully flexible grid — even on small screens! That means you can create any number of columns and have a fully flexible small grid. We’re starting to really close the gap between developing websites and emails using the Foundation Family! • Built with Sass. This means you can wield the powers that come packaged with Sass including variables, mixins and partials! • New templating language - Inky! Say goodbye to sifting through hundreds of pesky table tags. With Inky you can write tags like “row” and “columns” to spit out six table tags needed to just get the skeleton of your email together. • Helpful UI components: Foundation for Emails 2 shares many of the same components users of Foundation for Sites will be familiar with including Row, Columns, Callouts, Inline Lists, Vertical Lists, Block Grid, Thumbnails •Inline all of the styles. There’s a handy Gulp task that inlines all your CSS for you from a remote stylesheet. • Handlebars to keep you on track: We’ve included the support of Handlebars templates to keep you from repeating yourself! Things like the header and footer of your email can stay the same, allowing you to change only the content that matters! Loads of other new features as well as 10 new templates. Thanks! -Daniel
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@mrcodella Looks promising. ll definitely try it out. Congrats! :)
@mrcodella @ben Finally, been waiting to see this. Glad to see it up on Product Hunt!
@mrcodella Sounds good. Congrats. :)
@aakarpost Thank you Aakar! We hope you find it useful!
As an avid user of Ink and Foundation for Emails (1) I have to say I am incredibly stoked for this release! The new Inky Templating engine with SASS and Handlebars is so awesome. It feels like I am actually designing emails in 2016 now instead of 1996. Gulp now to automate and speed up development instead of some copy-paste madness. Awesome work, this is the way to make emails. I also love the new site for this update, it has way more detail and better documentation then before.
Mail Marketing job is starting to be very fun/easy. Love this update!
What are the big updates here sine the launch three months ago?
@bentossell It actually launched a few years ago. The hunt from a three months ago was not a new release, but they rebranded it from "Ink" to "Foundation for Emails", but nothing else changed. My guess is that they knew this new release was happening (well it has been publicly announced that its coming for quite some time now) and they did the rebrand then to prep people for the new change. Personally I think the change it good. I like having it all under the "Foundation" branding.
@_jacurtis @bentossell The vision is not only to have everything under the brand, but to allow you to seamlessly use the visual brand you've built up on Foundation across all 3 frameworks. Obviously emails are challenging, but you'll notice that in Foundation for Emails 2 we've aligned the class names and scss variables so that many of your settings and customizations from any foundation 6 site can be applied to your emails. Moving forward, we're going to be making them blend more and more seamlessly together.
Nice work, @mrcodella and team! Sniffed through the repository and it looks wonderful. Inky as an abstraction is a great step towards cleaner mailer builds. I see some previous commenters have asked about adding "custom" components to Inky—that'll be a great addition and adding that in looks like something you guys have envisioned already. :thumbsup: As this is a JavaScript project, I'm curious if you guys have tried packaging it for the web (i.e., creating a Browserify bundle)? One of the challenges we find with these fantastic toolsets, is that Gulp tasks might be a high hurdle for an email coder. Do you guys find that to be so or perhaps people pick it up quickly? I'd be curious to see how a web interface compiling Inky might assist with adoption. Also wondering about support for Hybrid movement—I didn't dig too deep into Inky but didn't see MSO conditionals wrapping the `container`—or is this primarily a media-query based approach for the Responsive aspects? Thanks for providing this for the community and keep it up!
@tbuchok We successfully Browserified our web inliner (http://foundation.zurb.com/email...), and we'd like to try the same for Inky eventually. If there are ways we could get it to, say, compile and inline entirely in the browser, and then you copy/paste the source code into Litmus, that could be really interesting.
@tbuchok Thanks Tom! The team really appreciates your kind words! @GeoffKimball can be a good resource for you if you have questions