Instantly share photos and videos across multiple devices

I think this is a good solution to something that's still super clunky! When I need to send photos to my partner (who doesn't have an iPhone), I have to email them to him, which is a bit of a faff. FotoSwipe would make this much more simple!
@riaface Like cross platform Airdrop. Also, texting is easier than email. Also also, "faff" is a new word for me. Thx!
Hey I am Sylvain Dufour, the founder of FotoSwipe. We really wanted to make FotoSwipe super easy to use. Feel free to reach out with any feedback. Hope you love it!
Wow, what a fantastic idea! Congrats Sylvain on a great idea and awesome execution. Thanks for hunting this Ria!
The demo video is really interesting. Can this be used to share photos with devices that are not in the same location?
@tylerswartz Yes absolutely. There is an option to share photos/videos with friends not in proximity. FotoSwipe creates a unique link you send to your friends by text or email and they have 24 hours to download all the photos & videos. There is no limit so you can share 100s of photos and videos.