Ready made editable library of legal & business documents.

#3 Product of the DayNovember 29, 2015
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Not sure I'd trust this company using MY likeness as "Mike B" with a recommendation I never supplied.
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@behoff Thanks for letting us know. Website looks cool but I don't trust their product a single bit. I'll stick with
FormSwift is a library of over 500 ready-made editable business and legal documents. You find the type of legal or business document you need, you open it, fill it in where needed and then export it as a Word .doc or a PDF that you can use, send and share anywhere. You can also upload your own existing documents and contracts, edit and add text, images and checkmarks, as well as sign any such document electronically.
Really interesting @kwdinc, we at Stampery ( proof the ownership, integrity and existance of any document using the bitcoin blockchain in a legally binding and inmutable way. Would be a pleassure to talk for a partnership or whatever, let's meet! You can contact me at And btw, great great product, good luck on the launch!
@nrpalao I just Hunted it not sure who the founders are :)
@kwdinc dammn, sorry man!
I love ideas that save me money🤑.
This seems like a great idea and would be very useful to a bunch of different people! I'm concerned as to whether or not they were actually drafted by lawyers and would stand up to challenge in a court of law.
@theleoji yea, after dealing with crappy contracts that lead to problems and lawsuits, it is great to save money, but "You can pay me now, or pay me later" and that usually means big bucks later!