Customize beautifully designed template forms built for customer feedback, user research, and event registration. Every form is already connected to Airtable for easy record collection and management.
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Nick O'Neill
Mild maker making things
This was soooo needed. I have multiple Zapier scripts that simply take Typeform submissions and convert them to Airtable. Well done!
@allnick Hey Nick, thanks for the love. We're really excited to be solving these problems especially when internally we've had to decide on either stitching frankenstein marketing stacks with Zapier or solve the problem. Fun fact.. the whole landing page is 1 Mason component and additionally, all our sign-up forms and half of our product is built on Mason. The sign-up forms connect to our production backends and creates real accounts for our users, while submitting info to Hubspot at the same time. I would love to get your thoughts after you have a chance to check us out.
Kayleigh Karutis
Head of growth, Mason
Today we’re excited to share our newest feature kit, built in Mason and free to use—meet Form, an Airtable-enabled kit that lets you build, customize, and deploy Airtable-connected forms without writing a single line of code. We built Form because while many Mason users have had some amazing success deploying front-end features, others have run into a common challenge: no back-end to connect their Mason-built features to. Form solves that problem by providing pre-built form templates that are *already connected to Airtable.* That’s right—you pick a form, any form, customize it, and deploy it, and it’s already set up to pipe your form data into Airtable. The implications for this are major, and we hope you’re as excited about it as we are. What’s more, your Mason-built form will also send data *back* to Mason, where you can further customize how you sort and view it for additional internal management. That means anyone with a free Airtable account and a free Mason account can create a custom, beautiful form and use it to collect data in literally minutes. No lock-in to a set template; no restrictions in how you choose to design. And if you decide to you want to make a change to your form, you can do so in seconds using Mason’s powerful builder. We created form with templates for user research, customer feedback, and event registration, but you can use these forms for virtually anything your imagination cooks up. We are thrilled to put Form out into the wild, and can’t wait to see what you’ll build with it. Thanks!
Sean BlanchfieldCEO & Founder at PageFair
Cool and comfortable . I got everything as well.
Justin Mitchell
Founder & CEO @ Yac
Oh my god
Denis Shershnev
Founder & CEO
Congratulation @kayleighkarutis ! Great job!
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