Listen to the 4m songs on Spotify that are never played.

#3 Product of the DayJanuary 30, 2014

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@rahul maybe it's more to do with excitement of discovery and finding songs that no one has listened to before. I usually prefer mix cloud over spotify because I never know what is going to be in the mixes so this might have that element of surprise to it
The ultimate statement of hipster expression. "I listen to songs that no one else has listened to on Spotify. No, I mean, literally, n-o o-n-e."
Isn't the reason why songs are not played on Spotify is because they're just not popular or in demand? Beyond novelty value, would such a service hold interest over a longer period?
@mutlu82 There's CDBaby for discovering such great talent! :) In my opinion, this is more a tchotchke or a gimmick than a product that can pull sustained user engagement! Let's see!
I think the BBC might be taking Forgotify a little too seriously