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The easiest way to stream your gameplay to Twitch or YouTube

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Hiten ShahHunterPro@hnshah · Crazy Egg, Product Habits & FYI
Ok, this is really really cool. I don't play PC games often and the idea of this still gets me really excited. Just play your game, press a hotkey, choose YouTube or Twitch and that's it. Forge takes care of the rest. I love products that reduce a ton of friction for users compare to alternatives and Forge Livestreaming is a timeless example of how to do it right.
Jared KimMaker@jaredkim · CEO, Forge
Hey there, CEO and founder of Forge here. With 100 million viewers watching 2.1 million broadcasters on Twitch each month, and YouTube Gaming launching just last summer, it's no surprise that gamers love entertaining and being entertained in real-time. Forge's mission is to create the easiest (and most enjoyable!) way to share your favorite gaming moments and today we are making it easy for people to stream their game to their connected Twitch or YouTube channel, eliminating the need for extra hardware or tinkering with confusing settings. When a game is launched, you can hit F8 to start broadcasting live to Twitch or YouTube. The stream will also be embedded on your Forge profile. In addition to the ease of use, what sets Forge apart is you can still highlight your favorite gaming moments and share the clips while you're streaming. Feel free to ask me any questions!
Chris Combs@mrcrisopolis · Chief Awesomeness Officer, Combs & Co.
@jaredkim FYI, Windows 10 thinks your install binary is malicious and won't open it by default.
Jared KimMaker@jaredkim · CEO, Forge
@mrcrisopolis Thanks for letting us know. We are aware of it and already have a fix coming.
Andy Lee@imtheandylee · Interaction Designer, Odopod
@jaredkim Hi there! I absolutely love how simple is and I was actually using it for a bit ( The only pain point was that the video seems to be locked at 30fps. I ended up switching to because they support 1080p60. Am I correct in saying that you don't currently support 60fps? If so, do you have plans to add it in the future? Thanks for the amazingly well-designed site/app!!
Jared KimMaker@jaredkim · CEO, Forge
@imtheandylee Winter - er - 60 fps is coming.
Andy Lee@imtheandylee · Interaction Designer, Odopod
@jaredkim It is known!