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#3 Product of the DayOctober 13, 2015
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Taylor here. A couple months ago I launched a set of financial model templates for startups and investors ( ), and today I'm launching a course to help people build financial models from the ground-up. I've worked with entrepreneurs and investors to create financial models to help them make critical business decisions for the past 15 years. It started with helping friends build forecasts and plans for their businesses, building models and teaching them how to build and manipulate models. I've always enjoyed teaching people how to build financial models: not Excel, shortcuts or formulas, but how to use a spreadsheet to outline important operational and financial decisions. And that's the goal with this video course. Teach people how to build financial models from the ground-up, going beyond the templates and examples to show people how to think in Excel and outline a startup business in a spreadsheet. I don't cover shortcuts or hidden productivity tricks in Excel (I don't know them myself), I don't cover finance and financial statements, I don't dive deep into big company operations: this is tuned for startups and focuses on how to create a "minimum viable model" that helps you make key operational and financial decisions for your business. Also, a discount for Product Hunters: use HUNTED for 20% off.
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Looks like an awesome course!
Taylor's stuff is gold. Highly recommend it.
@jwmares Agreed, Taylor helped me with one and knows his stuff.
Great idea Taylor, would have saved me a lot of time over the last 6 months!
@jamesq thank you. What was the hardest thing for you to do when building your model?
Startups who need this the most are the ones who can afford it the least. Seems like there should be a way to structure the pricing in a way that startups get progressive value or something.
@arlogilbert Not trying to be snarky, but $160 (after the discount) for a course on creating financial models that are actually meaningful doesn't seem terribly at all too expensive. The other options include paying someone far more than that to create them for you, using a template model without much understanding of how best to ensure it is worthwhile, or simply making it up...none of which sound all that appealing :)
@arlogilbert I imagine I could create multiple levels of service with different price points, but then the question becomes whether it provides enough value (i.e. enough to learn how to build a model) at the lower price points. I don't think value-based pricing would be very easy here, in my opinion.