Foreign Ipsum

Generate text for your mockups in multiple languages

Foreign Ipsum is a way to quickly add foreign text to your mockups within Sketch

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Hey there Product Hunt! I’m Braxton Huff, the creator of Foreign Ipsum. I have been interested in Sketch plugins ever since I started teaching myself how to use Sketch so I thought I'd create a plugin that incorporated my daily life. Simply enough Foreign Ipsum is just how it sounds, a multilingual text plugin. This is perfect for when you're designing mockups and need a filler because it contains accurate spacing just like normal text would. My family is extended across the globe. This plugin is a major inspiration from all my friends from all over the world. I wanted to make a plugin which I incorporated my friends and the languages that they speak. I sent them messages asking for random texts in the languages ​​they knew, and the text within the plugin is what they came back with. If you would like to add your own language to Foreign Ipsum (please do!) You can do so here:! Yes, you can add to a language that already has something written for it. Thank you for hunting Foreign Ipsum. Let me know what I can do to make your experience better! P.S. I’m in school today (just about to graduate πŸŽ‰ πŸ™ŒπŸ») and will try to answer questions as best I can.
As I recall, the original use case of lorem ipsum text was that it wasn't a language anyone would understand, thus people would focus on the design and not the content.
Seriously? Content strategists and UX engineers all over the world have wished RIP to Lorm Ipsum and here we see its evolution. Kristina Halvorson announced it in 2008, and now 10 years later, we are still struggling to embrace "content before design" culture. I do not see any reason why we should use *placeholder* text that does not make any sense to anyone in the world. If you have a use case, I will appreciate if you can share it.