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Saw @ryanlawler's coverage of FoodieTV this morning on TC: http://techcrunch.com/2014/01/14... cc Feast founders, @davidspinks & @nayafia.
New episodes come out every Wednesday. Tomorrow's will feature musk ox cooked atop a Greenlandic glacier, Lebanese za’atar, the science of brewing beer and the best pulled pork sandwich in Brownsville, Tennessee.
Forgot to say: Happy to answer any questions people have about FoodieTV. Ask me anything.
Welcome, @mescobosa! Foodie.com has existed for some time. What inspired you to build FoodieTV?
Thanks @rrhoover. GLAM has always been about enabling high-quality mid-tail publishers to get their stories heard in a way that can sustain them economically. When my team was asked to bring a mobile video product to market, it struck me that we could do the same. It turns out that there are many beautifully shot, gorgeously told videos between 3 and 10 mins long in the world on many many topics, especially food. But between the scattershot noise of social feeds and structured page-at-a-time scrolling TV guides there is a huge chasm. We saw that as user experience problem (dressed primarily as a content discovery problem, pure and simple). So we struck out across the interwebs and found what we believe to be the most compelling stories about why we eat what we eat and how it got to our plates. And then we wrapped it up in a content-forward interface designed to shine on all the devices where we increasingly are turning to for television like viewing experiences. So far, based on the reviews, it seems we may have struck a chord.