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FoodieTrip is the first online marketplace connecting hungry travelers with local food guides for once in a lifetime culinary adventures. With unique gastronomy experiences in over 115 international cities ranging from speakeasy excursions in NYC to dumpling tastings in Xian, foodies can now eat like locals everywhere.

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Hi Hunters! Many thanks to @bramk for hunting FoodieTrip! We’re really excited to showcase our platform for the very first time on Product Hunt! A bit about us FoodieTrip is a peer-to-peer marketplace connecting travelers with local, passionate food guides for authentic gastronomic experiences all around the world. By providing on-the-ground culinary experiences in over 75 international cities ranging from speakeasy excursions in NYC to dumpling tastings in Xian, FoodieTrip's marketplace now helps thousands of foodies eat like locals everywhere! So why should you care? Good question: - There isn't a single online resource that aggregates information on local, authentic food venues (Yelp doesn't really exist outside of N.A, Trip Advisor recommendations are written by other tourists). It takes hours of pre-trip research to find something even remotely authentic. - Cultural gaps pose a huge challenge. Assuming you miraculously found an awesome soup dumpling joint in Shanghai, you don't speak the language, you don't know what to order, you're probably not eating what the locals are. - We honestly believe that the best way to connect with a culture is by breaking bread with someone from that culture (preferably someone who is super passionate about that "bread). We’re a team of curious travelers that started FoodieTrip after a joint 3-months trip to Vietnam where we ate and drank with local guides who became life-long friends of ours. We’re hoping that the next time you travel you use FoodieTrip instead of getting stuck at a local McDonalds which is why we’re offering a 5% discount on all experiences with code: MEOW5. Our team will be available here all day to answer any questions you might have. Looking forward to your feedback!
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fun and cool service @matan_magril. kudos on taking producthunt by storm! :-)
@sbroderick Thanks Shawn! ✌️

As a customer, how am I going to be confident you did bring me o the local places rather than just bringing me to the places I could have found on the internet? I think there is real value in making this happen, but in practice it is difficult to find people who actually really know about this. When these people do, they would probably already be selling their knowledge through other channels - so what is the benefit of your platform to these people?


Always keen to find the real local places when travelling and it is usually quite hard - especially when not speaking the language!


How are you going to pick your guides? It feels like this could be a good opportunity for people to make money without taking any risks

You should try Chachi's ! Authentic homemade food.
Looks like the future
Great service offering @matan_magril - Will defiantly use this in my upcoming travel! ✌️
Thank you @arielcohen! Looking forward to setting you up with your very own culinary adventures.
Would love to try that for my next trip to Brazil coming up at the end of August !
@louise_colu Awesome! We currently have 4 unique experiences in Rio, but we'll be expanding our offering in the next 2 months. We're shooting for 50 experiences in Brazil by the end of October.
We'd love to get some feedback on ease of use, our experiences, what locations seem to be lacking. Let us know! 😊