Inside the best restaurant, cafe and bistro interiors

Foodielovin’ is a website that allows you to discover the best looking restaurant and cafe interiors from around the world.

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Hi :), this is Michal Ptacek and you might know me as a founder of @Officelovin - an architecture website that features the best looking offices from around the world. Together with my fiancee Tereza, we have recently launched a new project from Officelovin family, called Foodielovin. It is almost the same as Officelovin which means we cooperate with the most talented architects and designers from around the world and feature their work, except Foodielovin’ focuses on the interiors of restaurants, cafes, bistros and deli stores :). At this moment there are almost 150 beautiful restaurant interiors, and we are updating the website everyday. I would be very happy for any kind of feedback or suggestions. Thank you for your time Michal
@officelovin @michael_ptacek Awesome project. Keep up the great work!!!
@andyreed thank you Andy.
Great job!! 😊
That’s a good one! 🙌😊
I'm a chef and restaurant look and feel is a big thing for me, whether I want to dine in there or work for the restaurant, this tool is great, it focuses on an important aspect of dining which often times isn't discussed enough! FOH work crazy hard to make sure a place looks and feels great and it's nice to see an app that appreciates it! Congrats on shipping! :)
@aaronoleary Thank you for your kind words Aaron. Would be happy to hear any feedback/tips for improving Foodielovin’. As a chef you are definitely a bigger expert than me :)